Anybody recognise this 08 Plate CBR600RR?

It’s parked in a residents bay on Harrington Road SW7 and it’s residents permit has expired. It’s accumulating PCNs on a daily basis (look at the pillion seat and the screen). License plate ends with MGO. If anyone knows the owner now is a good time to get in touch with them.

Dam can they really do that! Surely one fine is enough as the bike is commiting the same offence, its not as if he’s riding it about and parking it up again they’re literally just pasting them on there because they can, is there anything to regulate how often they can write you up a fine or can they just stand there typing up as many fines as they want untill you return and ride your bike away.

Mate don’t get me started on parking fines…

What will probably happen is it will get fined a bit more and then they’ll bring the special trailer and lift it to the depot. Then the poor chap will have to pay all the fines, the release fee and the storage too I think.

I think there is no grace period on an expired residents permit, maybe it’s extra points. I’ve seen vehicles that live in my street clamped for having an expired residents permit in a residents bay. They’ll clamp and lift cars on foreign plates too. You have to stay on top of your game round here.

You can contest it and they will drop it to 1 charge. 1 offence. You will need to be prepared to take it to court though. They will fight it to court then drop it when a date is set. Done it plenty for my drivers

7 days grace period I was told by the people on the counter at RBKC.
This was after they had refused to give me a new permit because they no longer used the electortal roll as a proof of where you lived.

Leaving an 08 CBR in this shitty weather for soooo long is just plain wrong, The disc’s are rusty, The owner may well be in hospital… or something else, Seems strange just to leave a nice bike getting wasted like that.