Anybody here . . . ?

London Bikers shooting each other and pedestrians, funniest bits are towards the end :stuck_out_tongue:

The bus stop scene is very funny !

Reminds me of trying to jump start the GS500 when the battery died - it didn’t start but it did produce a bang that had people at their windows and doors, and birds flying from every tree in a half mile radius :w00t:

what a great video…genius!!!:w00t:.

fantastic game…!!!

thanks for sharing…:D.


this kinda stuff is what gives us a bad name

i can sort of see the funny side but constantly firing your engine outside some woman’s restaurant is a bit childish

hope some coppers get their plates from the vid and have a few words about hitting that car for starters…

haha hilarious.

the bus stop scene was brilliant.

Very lucky after clipping that car though…:pinch:



ah maybe im jelous…my bike doesnt have a engine cut off switch so ive never been able to do that :frowning:

old vid but still very funny. Got to love the woman slapping the guy and the 2 guys at the bus stop rofl!

Childish, but entertaining.

Wonder if they stop to give the cage owner details?