Anybody here own/ridden a bobber?

Hello all,

For various reasons I’m thinking about a Harley Bobber, the low seat height and forward leg position is what’s attracting me, or rather mobility problems forcing me down that route!

I know it’s no sportsbike but does have a retro cool feel for me.

Anybody tried or own one?


Lovely, just lovely.

Bobbed Harleys have a lot more “cool” than the bling-bling-i’ve-got-the-latest-screaming-eagle-shiny-stuff Harleys. I’m SOOO jealous.

It’s a very different ride from a sports bike. Much lower centre of gravity, eaiser to get on and off, low seat height and VERRRRRY sexy.

(XV535 - my bike wants to be a Harley when it grows up!)