Anybody got targets for losing weight in a small time scale?

I’ve given myself 2 months to get to 15 stone(17 now) in 2 months?

anyone doing something similar?

Same boat here fella , let me know if you have any revelations !!

I certainly need to! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s one to get you going… :hehe:



Best diet you can do to achieve that is definitely the “ducan” diet.

Its pretty much a protein diet for the first phase, then proetin +veg, then protein + veg +carbs.

Worked for me before I jacked it in and got fat again…

Good luck dude.

I dont do diets…just smash the gym.

Steer clear of these diets - they might give you a short term result but are completely unsustainable in the long run. Cut down fats and booze, get most of your calories from carbs. Eat lot of fruit and veg and start exercising…

Cut your calorie intake by 1000Kcal a day or increase the calories you burn through exercise and you’ll be losing 8lb a month (anything more can potentially be dangerous and shock your body into a state where it slows your metabolism due to starvation)

No not really, just add 10 hours a week of hardcore fat burning exercises and it should work really.

People forget that to lose weight they need to keep there heart rate as high as possible without collapsing doing exercises.

All I’m doing is running/gym(low weights, lots of reps rather than high weights, low reps), swimming and running inside(hotter environment, burn abit more fat)…lots of water and clean organic food…

I have alot of chicken and salad, not the best for actual energy but for losing weight quickly, its brill. Small brekkie like Roadrunner said, cereal and tea, big but healthy lunch then small evening meal atleast 2 hours before bed…

Times this over an 8 week period, 5 times a week and youre on to a winner…

skip the treadmill and hit the weights but small rest periods and do different bodyparts back to back

pm your email and ill send you a high intensity weight training program that will shed loads off.

i’ll lend you my dog for a couple of weeks,

you’ll be lean as a fish in no time :smiley:

My problem seems to be I need to loose that initial bulk on my joints before I start , carrying to much weight to start punding the pavement :ermm:

I’ve got a comp next weekend but after that will probably drop about 5 kilos…I’d assume 4 weeks ish.

The important thing isn’t really getting caught up in ‘weight’ like an anorexic teenager, but actually losing fat and keeping or gaining muscle (since no women have posted in here and I assume none of the guys want to look like skinny-fat weeds :smiley: )

What kind of comp dude?

I want to keep the 48 inch chest…I look unhealthy skinny due to me being 6ft 4

Qualifier for the British powerlifting championships, in Windsor actually!

Thats kool man. Best of luck

No more cookies for you :smiley: you had ur last on saturday :smiley:

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Im not making any more :stuck_out_tongue:

My manager is on a diet called the Dukan diet, its french apprently.

Its a protein diet. For the first 10 days you can only eat low fat meat protein .

Then after that you can eat vegetables on altenate days.

She has lost 16 lbs in 2 weeks and my other college lost 12lbs in 5 days. :w00t:

Have a look on line if you can not get the info I may be able to scan her book for you.

thank the lord, you’d think they were laced with crack the way everyone was raiding the cookie container on sat!