yah! should be there, gotta fly home from work first eb there for about 6 ish:)

ill be there for short time, possibly in car

I’m coming after uni, should get there by 9.30pm

Yep I’ll be there

Think I’ll be there :wink:

I will come if anybody from Ace’s area wants to show me the way :stuck_out_tongue:

im going from islington, if you can get there?

A1 will be easy for me. Do you know any place we can meet ? What time though ?

i’ll PM you my number:)

I’ll be there :smiley:

Thought wrong …

Sh1t has hit the fan and won’t be there tonight :crying:

I would but I got no chuffin’ bike!

i’d offer you a pillion…but you look like a big lad! dunno if the sv could take it! no offence;)

Cheeky fu©ker, I’m only a meager 128 kilos, I’d be great balance for a wheelie.

haha i need some help getting the front uP!!