Anybody else with Hog Fever out there?

I only ever seem to see super race bikes on the LB site - they are very cool - however I am looking for members of my family…
Any other Harley fans?

Does LB have any members of (H-D) motorcycling clubs?

I’ve got an HD lid, which looks pretty daft on the Duc and even worse on the scoot

Don’t think that counts though.

I like harleys, but by the time im ready to get one they will probably be very different!

Harley’s are cool, but this aint cool:

Ouch, that hurts! Yet the bend did not seem that tricky, he did not seem to do anything silly, wonder wha tipped him over.
Reminds me to cover myself, even on v hot days. You always think it happens to others!

I waved at a harley rider once… but I was new to biking back then

This is all a bit overwhelming, I didn’t realise so many of you had a passionate interest in Harleys…

Hey Captain America, we’re trying to lure more HD riders to LB. One of the founding tenants behind LB is to bring together bikers of all types, or at least to give them a single roof to be under, to make their biking life better. There are a few HD riders I believe, though perhaps you can help us find more riders!

Macleod has an 883 Sportster and is member of HD chapter her husband has an HD too… BC2

I’ve got a Triumph Speedmaster - does that count?!

Can’t bear the ugly, noisy, ostentatious things, but that’s just my personal opinion - each to his own and I’d still check whether I could help if I should see one stopped. Welcome to LB anyway! I suppose without them we wouldn’t have Buells, would we?

I know, I know, 95% of Harleys ever made are still on the road.

The rest got home OK.

It’s not a harley but it’s mine

Well buy me one bud!!.. and I’ll join your family

I always wanted one until I rode one

My eyeballs shook themselves out within half a mile

The bikes themselves I can handle, having messed around on a couple I’ve enjoyed the different riding experience. But apart from the ridiculous overpricing the thing that puts me off having one is the idea of being associated with the whole HOG tragedy. When I need to sidestep a midlife crisis by playing at tassled, concho wearing, weekend badass, wannabe backpatch, pet food run boy, then I’ll probably go for it. If I bought one now I’d have to tear it apart and disguise it as something else.

It’s not all super race bikes…

I’ve got Africa Twins - they’re no Harley but they are Twins…

It certainly does! Very nice bike, I look fwd to checking it out at Cubana…
THanks for your reply.

I will go out with a missionary zeal to convert souls…one hd at a time…

I will look out for them
THanks BC2

You’re just looking at the exterior and superficial Mickywiz, look for the inner beauty…