Any wedding photographers on here

If anyone on here does wedding photographer give me a shout and a quote as a mate is looking to get married and is looking for some quotes.


johnnybravo is

Spk to Toby-1-Kanobie

A friend of a friend’s site:

On our wedding, we got a general events photographer, that my wife knows from work, to do the pictures.

She charged no more than a decent wedding photographer, but in contrast, we actually own the photos (received the raw files on DVD as well as a printed album) and they were really nice, not the cheesy sort of rubbish you see from wedding photographers generally.

PM sent with link.

Another friend of a friend here … must say I think his work is beautiful with a bit of a “documentary” feel rather than your “standard” posed wedding shots :

thanks for the mention Nivag

pm sent Sleeper!