any volunteers

Woodworm,…the curse of the motorcycle stunt assistant :smiley:

I’ll do it!

You can hold up the board and I’ll ride over ya :smiley:

he is crazy, he should have had at least an helmet


lol owww


Proof that you shouldn’t use balsawood in every stunt situation.

That is hilarious! :smiley:

Everyone but the guy kneeling must have known what would happen . . ?

you just knew that was going to end in tears:w00t::crying:

no thanks! lol


i bet there was some know it all there saying ‘i dont think you wanted to do that, you should have used a 2 inch, not a half inch plank’

LOL :w00t: what an idiot!

What a plank

where these people come from ?

Darwin was right! :smiley: