any tv folk on here?

got freeview only and the main tv has always had a poor reception. perfect picture then becomes blocky at around 7-10 pm every night. its a year old and a decent telly.

my old 32" upstairs works perfectly every time all the time.

all tv aerials are plugged into the wall so they use the same cables to the main aerial. :confused:

Go to bed early.:smiley:

And put the “old 3.2 inch” to good use.:stuck_out_tongue:


As stated… I have no problem with the reception that I get from my 32" :smiley:

esp as the “NEW, YOUNGER AND LARGER” model isn’t as well liked as my old trusty steed :hehe:

Oh, that sort of TV. Sorry, no.


Did you try switching their (TV) places or at least the cables that they connect to the wall?

I’m a lazy #### :smiley:

Get freesat much better.

Probably a weak signal or interference. One aerial, just using a basic splitter to send it to the two tv’s? In which case you’re halving the signal strength. Could try an aerial distribution box/amplifier. Essentially a box that aerial goes into, then it duplicates the signal on a number of outputs with no loss of signal strength. But do remember, if the signal from your aerial is weak to begin with, no amount of amplification is going to help much, you’re just amplifying a poor signal and all it’s noise. Better to try a higher gain aerial or preferably raise your aerial higher (oooh-err!).

Could be interference or multiple signal paths. As the sun goes down the air waves can get flooded with many signals from further afield. Possibly a transmission from another transmitter making it to you; putting you in an interference dip. Maybe the one TV is just better at separating out the signals, got a better, finer grained receiver circuit. Could be some local interference; traffic and so forth. Multiple signal paths can be tackled with a directional aerial, carefully pointed at the nearest transmitter to you. Local interference can be tackled with decent copper foil screened aerial cable (avoid that crap brown braided cable), run from aerial to tv(s).

check the cable & routing only use good quality end fittings & make sure the earth isn’t touching the signal wire

check to see if any nabour has radio ham or any other type of equipment like ham radio as you state a certain time every day

Yes, because interference from a Radio Ham is the most likely culprit, right? Targeted at the downstairs TV only, of course, perhaps a directional Yagi antenna pointed directly at the main TV only? Muppet. FYI, radio hams get to know an awful lot about RFI, and are very unlikely to be the cause of it.

What Arfa wrote is exactly the right approach. Jaime, if you don’t get it fixed, let me know and I’ll pop over with an antenna analyser and some other bits and take a look.