Any tips on getting rid of a wasp's nest?

Actually they don’t. I live in Brent, and had to get rid of one two weeks ago. The local council could come and do it, at a charge of £60 or so. Also, they couldn’t come for a week and a half. I got a private company who charged £65, and came the next day…


A neighbour of mine once had a wasp infestation in the house and putting a tray of petrol out in the room killed them off - apparently the fumes killed them. Not sure if it woud work outdooors though.

I is here:D

you can always phone wasp if you need me, yup Im quite happy to kill/destroy/remove any pest species that you have trouble with

yes, the going rate is £45, but I give LB’ers 20% off, so £36,

spray with FICAM D, wasps dont return to old nests so no worries there

lots of home remedies out there, as well as advice to do yourself, If you aint got a full bee suit to stop you getting stung to peices if they go for you, which they tend to do, Id advise against home DIY stuff, unless you have new trainers and can run fast

Cheers Ratcatcher!!!

The house is 200 miles away from London, so I doubt you’d travel that far as it takes a long time. But really good to have the tip about FICAM D. I was planning on doing it myself, had a few goes with a Tesco spray, but it did no good whatsoever and I was wary about continuing to make them angry, like that poor lady in the Daily Mirror who passed on as a result of an incident with wasps the other day.

However, if I can find someone that uses FICAM D and is local and knows what they are doing, that might work. I understand that you have to spray the nest after sundown when they are all inside and block up the holes with stones to stop them coming out in a fit of temper.

Good to have your pest control advice again, after the successful mouse advice of previous months :slight_smile:

A bee suit like this?

I’m sorry.

Yes I’m planning on wearing that outfit next time I pass the nest area, just to blend in:)

Seems like there are loads of potential pest control apprentices for you to choose from Ratcatcher on LB, including arsonists and diplomatic negotiators…

A bottle rocket or a banger firework should do the trick!

Go to B&Q or somewhere similar. Buy a tin of Wasp Nest Foam, and either early morning or late evening when they are not as active, spray the nest with the foam. Do it late in the evei=ning when the wasps are not active. Wear long sleeves just in case. If they are in the cavity, then the idea is that you spray the place where the wasps are going in and out which is generally one spot. as they go in and out they will get the product on their bodies and so die but its not an instant thing it does take a coupel of days. Immediately after treating they are going to get a bit mad so i suggest a hasty retreat but it should work. if you get the council in unless you are in a council property they will probably charge about £40 and do the same thing anyway. good luck

Tazer! Tazer! Tazer… doesn’t kill em but hell if you video the results you can pay Ratcatchers’s rates with the £250 you get from You Been Frmaed, there’ll beloads left over for some bee sting balm, plus enough for a pint or two BONUS!

makes me laugh sometimes, as this stuff is manufactued by the company I sub contract from:D if you read the small print, it contains permetherin, which is basically a pesticide that attacks the nervous system, yes it will kill instantly on contact, same as fly spray when they buzz around in little circles at 100mph, the reason it then quotes 24hrs, is becuase spraying the entrance hole with foam, your wasp will eventually infect/cover themselves in the foam on entry or exit of the nest, trouble is, and what the can doesent say, is if its an attic or wall void, sometimes the will find an alternative route out, inside house?, pi$$ed off wasps etc:Whistling:

a pestie will always spray/treat the nest, rather than a diy approach of treating an entrance, its a bit like the difference between getting your bike serviced proper by a quailified mech, or by posting a question, and doing it yourself:)

hels, I can always find you a more local pestie that wont rip you off, via a pest control forum Im on

Nippon Ant Killer does the trick - leave piles of it around the entrance - they will take it in on their bodies and it will kill the queen.

They’ll probably be back in two years time - if they are not really a nuisance they die off in October anyway - don’t like frost.

“Nippon Ant Killer Powder can also be used to treat wasps’ nests by applying liberally into the nest or apply in piles by the nest entrance. The best time to treat wasps’ nests is in the evening or on dull days when wasp activity is at a minimum. Take care not to disturb the colony and do not return to the nest until all wasp activity has ceased.”

I poured Nippon powder in using a long pole and with a pot of the stuff cable tied to it :slight_smile:

thats how I do it…put on your motorcycle gear and helmet…plus its loads of fun!

Okay having waded through the various suggestions on this thread I have simplfied it into the following:

  1. Best not attempt to destroy a wasps nest single handed as it could end in disaster, even if you do use the correct pesticides and sprays. Blocking up the entrance may lead them to find alternatuve routes out into the house, which won’t be pleasant.

  2. Get a professional in to deal with it.

I have done some research now and found the local Pest Control site, which has the number of a local wasp geezer on it. I’ll give him a shout and if he proves more expensive than the quotes on here will get back to Ratcatcher for an alternative.

Thanks folks for your suggestions - I have learned now that there are somethings best not left to wasp killer from Tesco and an amateur Hels. Will let you know how I get on anyway Ratcatcher.

Wise choice Hels! Heard this on Essex radio this week…

that’s not a problem these days…