Any tips on getting rid of a wasp's nest?

There is one in the wall by the front door of the family home. I noticed it when I was up last weekend, as the wasps were congregating extensively by the wall vents and going in and out. I sprayed the vents, but it didn’t do any good and I don’t want to annoy the wasps too much so that they get angry and start swarming. Back again now, and haven’t seen too many this evening as it’s raining, but I know that August / September time is the period when the nests get bigger and the wasps get angrier.

Any tips? I looked it up on the internet, but didn’t seem to have much luck in getting a decent explanation for non wasp pest control professionals without goggles and equipment.

Get in touch with Rat Catcher, he’s a proffesional in the field so to speak… :wink:

he knows how to catch a WASP

Thanks RR!

He was indeed very helpful in tips on how to get rid of mice. But I thought he only did mice and rats, not wasps/ bees etc? Or does he do every single pest known to man?:D:D

I need to tread carefully with my wasps nest, as I don’t want to get stung by 10,000 angry fellows protecting the queen wasp and nest from destruction by a DIY spray from Tescos. Also am not keen on them relocating inside the house. They are in the wall at the mo.

LOL yes indeed he does:D But does the great man know how to catch the stripy black and yellow variety? :slight_smile:

A thread on getting rid of wasps??..Stop being such a baby and just speak to them I used to get rid of them by talking to them…Just asked them to leave and they did? You need to speak to the Queen wasp. Failing that tell them you will take action through the courts as they are squatting.

Flamethrower :smiley:

Yes indeed, I forgot about diplomacy and negotiation when dealing with angry flying squatters:) There was I thinking you could just blast them out of the wall with a few random helpful tips from expert LBers and a Tescos spray, and smash the nest into oblivion:).

What language did you use Moto King? Or did you go on an ‘eco flying creatures eviction mediation course?’ :slight_smile:

A can of deodorant and a lighter :slight_smile:

Exactly. Like BT say its good to talk…You might even get a free jar of Honey from them to apologize…Funny you ask about the language because at first I tried talking to them in wasp speak…(Mick Dundee style) but that didn’t work…So I reverted to Jamican Patwa

You fuckin’ wasps, I have had enough of de i-man in i-man ground de i-man heap better get out de i-man no before I open up some bakra obeah on de i-man and kill de heap of de i-man…Now Move from me place you no…Man Dem Sugar Dey soon went

Have you checked if the local council pest control people will deal with them? Ours in the “Peoples Republic of Brent” does…

So your the Firestarter Twisted FireStarter?

Firestarter The Funky INSTIGATOR

How much do you charge for your special ‘wasp negotiation skills’ :slight_smile: Also people usually collect honey from bees not wasps, but I am sure there’s a Dragon Den style alternative wasp honey enterprise in there somewhere that you can market to Sainsburys :wink:

I am also not going down the ‘burning down the entire house, street and community route’ advocated by some:) LOL I want to get rid of one nest, not the entire house, all it’s contents, surrounding properties, local school and neighbours homes also with exploding deodorants and flamethrowers:D

Crikey - where’s a wasp nest destruction expert when you need one eh? :smiley:

Local Council (but long wait)…or Yellow Pages (same / next day)…fairly cheap…£40 ish to fumigate and remove…had one in my parents attic removed a month or so ago…

Probably busy with a WASP?

That’s interesting. I didn’t know the council destroyed wasps nests - this maybe the answer I need:)

How much do I charge?? God I have had a few women ask me that before when I have knocked them back? :laugh:

Hels for you I’d do it for free…Afterall in my eyes you are the fittest bird on here…Oh and anything Shiver can do I can do better…

The don’t call me THE MOTO KING for nothing you no…

£40 isn’t too bad. Will have a look and see if non Londoners can benefit from this kind of service:).

So you don’t advocate self removal if done the right way?

Yes but the thing is Moto King we all have our areas of expertise :slight_smile: You are obviously an LB lady killer and a Moto King, but not a ‘Wasp Killer’ and a ‘Wasp Nest Destruction King’ as far as I know, which is what I am after at this moment in time:D:)

Actually they don’t. I live in Brent, and had to get rid of one two weeks ago. The local council could come and do it, at a charge of £60 or so. Also, they couldn’t come for a week and a half. I got a private company who charged £65, and came the next day…