Any Super-retard

Hey i know its a bit of a cheek but i was wondering if there any super-retard with a 125 out there that can help me.

Basicly I might be looking at getting a new bike in july (fingers cross) and i wanted to know if any body will let me test ride their 125 to see what the fuss is all about. It will be in a car park . I’ve been riding since Feb08 but i have the best people teaching the ways so you really don’t have anything to worry :slight_smile:

Pls help

well the is young bill with his husky 125 sm BUT we all know what happened the last time he let someone have a go on it:pinch:

i think i heard that story too:D:D. Is he an LB member, do you think if i ask nicely he might let me have a go :slight_smile:

Day Release (12/06/2008)

i think if you asked billy that you’d make his year:D he aint a member here dr

MAD-DOG Dhofty (12/06/2008)

Well…How do i get hold of this billy guy or do you know any LBers thats got 125

i know of a few people that have sm125’s but dont know if to give out names:P

well just ask them for me pls :slight_smile:

is this what your after:cool:

I’ve got a few mates with supermoto bikes, but not 125s - can ask my mate though and see what he says. Golding Barn racetrack is also a good way to have a go on an off road bike (similar to Supermoto but with different wheels). It’s costly, but worth a day learning the skills, they have 250’s, 125’s 450’s - suitable for all shapes and sizes of people. I had a great time and if you can get the money, or get someone to give you a birthday gift or something - well worth it.

If you want a go riding a bigger bike, you’re welcome to have a go on mine - provided it’s in a car park!! I’ve let loads of people have rides on it and got people on the insurance too. It’s got crash pads and it might be worth having a go just to see what riding a bigger bike is like. Someone did drop it once in the car park at Box hill, but it seemed to be fine, so it’s quite a tough bike. It’s a 600 Hornet. I’m about 5 5 and not at all a big lady and I can manage it fine.

Just a few thoughts anyhow.

You’re welcome to have a go on my bike (on private road and on a “you break it you fix it” policy). It’s not a 125 either though. Mine’s a Yamaha XT660X. It’s my first bike (rode scoots before) and I found it surprisingly easy to get used to.
The only thing that’s really annoying about it is that you get used to the acceleration and speed too quickly :smiley:

Its not a big bike that am after, i wanted to have a go on super moto apparently its a lot of fun and it makes you go crazy Hels if its ok with your friend let me know. Its only gonna be for a little bit in the car park to have a feel

Thanks guys

the one to test has to be the riot

even mad dog aint had a go yet:angry:

That looks pretty SM to me DR!:cool:

Dont worry Miss DR, Billy with the Husky works with me, and im sure he will let you take his SM for a spin, leave it with me;):smiley:

Hiya DR,

My mates coming over this afternoon, so will ask him, he’s got a KTM 520 - so I don’t think that would be suitable, but he knows quite a few people with different sizes / styles of motos, so will ask.

I know someone with a Husky, but it’s not a 125.

I’d love a proper go on a supermoto too - did an off road day, which was absolutely brilliant and really wetted my appetite for laneing and riding a completely different style of bike. I think for a lot of women find the seat height is a problem, don’t know how tall you are, but you might have to get the seat lowered? It’s quite easy to do I think.

Will ask my mate this avo anyhow.


Thanks sipermoto, do you know how soo you can ask him

Thanks hels just anything i can sit on and feel the vibe

Day Release (14/06/2008)

are we still talking about bikes?:smiley:

if it vavavavavibes your after then its my 660smc you’ll need:w00t:

here dr this ccm flat track would be the perfect hight for you but more of a classic look:)

i have seen one at a dealers when i went on a rideout with buck (mick)

I don’t think you’ll regret going for a SM style bike for your next one. The bloke who got me into biking started off on road bikes, then moved into SMs and off roading and has never looked back!! I can honestly say that doing an off road day gave me a feel for a different style of bike too. SMs are light and exciting and seat lowering kits make it easy for less taller folks to take it up! When I was looking into buying one last year I looked at DRZ bikes - but found that they were too tall. However, I’ve heard that they are great all rounders. A girl I know had a CCM and loved it - so plenty of options.

But if I were you I would have a look and a try out of all different styles of bikes, as you are doing. I started riding big bikes last August, after my A2 restriction came off and actually found the Hornet a really good first proper big bike. It is great for all conditions and very versatile. The ideal thing would be to have two bikes - one for town / motorway riding and another one like a SM for laneing and having fun on!!

Good luck and will have a chat with my pal when he pops over shortly, although it seems like Billy with the Husky might be a good option too.