Any rides this weekend?

Anybody out and about this weekend?

If not I might arrange something. It will be a bit cold and my bike could dissolve in the salt, but still wouldnt mind a run somewhere, even if its just for lunch/brekkie.


Ally Pally this weekend fella, am sure it can be incorporated!?

Cheers, forgot about that.

Wot manner you on Dannyboy?

South west london (ish), any takers for a sunday bimble? It is supposed to warm up by then.

I might well put in an appearance…

Sunday sounds good to me, got bike back now and it needs a run

What time and where are we meeting

Maybe ace cafe for breakfast (10ish) and then go somewhere from there ?


Weather permiting i might do Boxhill ??

Yep…I,ll be about !!

My bike is playing silly buggers this morning so I will aim to meet leggyPete at box, but wont make any promises.

Hopefully see you tomorrow.


Barro see you at the Ace about 10 then


Mmm, I cant get shore leave this weekend Over the few weekends I may not get out either May be I’ll sneak up to High Beach for a splosh b4 the sun goes down…

My hubby and Morgawr are heading up to High Beech as I type this, in case anyones interested.

Doh! Went up there yesterday. The roads were caked in grease, and it was horribly muddy. Hope it was better today?!

Only saw this after I’d put the bike to bed having just been to the Ace. Maybe next time

I did’ney get-to-go to HB for me splosh

Despite the wife, I had some gr8 fun wi’da kids tho!