Any recommendations?

Rite, im after a fleece like, thin zipped jacket, which is windproof and preferably waterproof too.

Ive seen a couple of Berghaus ones but the good ones are too expensive.

Any recommendations?

Ta very much.

The others are around £100, especially the best ones, incl Berghaus, Lowe Alpine and Napapijri. Alternatively, get one which is windproof and get a waterproof spray (haven’t tried those so don’t know how good they are but perhaps the camping shop people can advise).

Head out to either Covent Garden or Kensington High Street, you’ll have loads of camping shops there.

Snap, it really depends on your intended us of the fleece and your budget. Essentially you are after a technical fleece and they don’t come cheap. However, if you’re just after something to mooch around town then you can go for something less expensive as you’re not banking on it saving your life.

Indeed Berghaus are very good, but also look at other proven brands such as Mountain Equipment (e.g. Mountain Equipment Windstopper Alpine Jacket). Personally I’d go for the mid price range for use in a non-technical situation as the cheap gear usually doesn’t stand up to much.

What are your intended applications and price range and then I’ll be able to pinpoint some kit for you?

I’d look at EDZ products aswell, made specifically (they say) for the biker.

I’ve got their undersuit and it’s fab. Best £40 kit I’ve bought.

Im not necessarily looking for wearing it whilst on the bike as i have a goretex jacket. Its more for when wearing under my casual wear jacket which looks really good but have no protection against the weather.

Im looking for something thats around £50 and mainly windproof. There’s alot of stuff out there that claims to be windproof but isnt. Thanks for the pointers.

Try an army surpluss store, get some great weatherproof stuff at a fraction of the cost, norg shirts are very good, i think they are standard issue to the troops now instead of cotton shirts. I wear one when i go fishing always keeps the wind out. Hope this helps. Go to silvermans or any army surp on line

Silvermans rocks. My personal fav bit of cold kit is my Buffalo shirt. It’s the warmest piece of gear that you can find. They are a bit spenny from a shop , but you can get a good price on ebay.

This link will explain how it works etc. (You might need to cut and paste it as I never manage to post them right.)

Spot the kit junky.

Here you go tony, website, address and phone number for you…

2 Harford Street
Mile End
London E1 4PS

0207 7 900 900