Any Queen (the band) fans here


Having been a fan of Queens music since the very start, I have just got back from the cinema having been to see Bohemian Rhapsody.

If you enjoy their music and have not been to see it or you are not sure, you will love this. The casting is very clever, the music is brilliant and now I have Night at the Opera playing in the background.



I agree. Saw it yesterday. Definitely my best film of the year so far.


Trailer (which looks excellent) for those who’ve not heard of this yet.


Thanks TC and Mian for the recommendation.


I watched the trailer and was quite intrigued, always been a big fan. One thing that I’ve heard criticism of the film is that it skips over a lot of the debauchery (and fun) around Freddie, which is what made him interesting and fascinating.

I’ll still go and see it but what I’ve seen/read so far seems to suggest the film just paint over that. I get it, the movie is about the band, but regardless all of the promo stuff focuses on him. It just feels like his memory has been ‘cleansed’ but I prefer to know he was a riot and had a dark side… A bit more depth to his character

Oh and I think innuendo is a better song than bohemian rhapsody… Discuss


That’s good to hear. I thought it would be either great or pants after seeing the trailer. Thanks for the information.


I once had to have an MRI, and was terrified of how claustrophobic it would be. So from their collection of CDs I chose the greatest hits of Queen, then shut my eyes, concentrated on the music, and tried to think where I was.

So that is the feeling that now comes back to me when I listen to Queen.

Oh and I think innuendo is a better song than bohemian rhapsody… Discuss

And Cheese Shop is a better Monty Python shop sketch than Dead Parrot.

No need to discuss the obvious.


Serrisan, I would say that the film actually deals more with he dark side of his personality than any documentary I have seen before but there is also some great humour in addition to the brilliant and addictive music we all know and love.

The film is over 2 hours long so I guess only so much can be covered. What it does do though is reaffirm what a great showman Freddie, how powerfull and brilliant his voice was and hos ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand.

Oh of course we can I suppose be assured of the accuracy of the story to a fair degree as Brian May and Roger Taylor were executive producers and the movies musical directors.


If you go, be prepared for the earworm.

Not giving anything away but the last track is “Don’t stop me now”…

I have been humming it since we got home yesterday and this morning it is still in my head ! :open_mouth:

Daughter has “We will rock you” stuck in her head apparently.

Wife has Bohemian Rhapsody in her head.

It is addictive.


I did wonder how much of the film’s positive reviews were based on people being fans of Queen and therefore any film about Queen is going to be good in their eyes.


At first I wasn’t overly excited as I’m generally not a fan of these “documentaries” but changed my mind when I realised that it’s Rami Malek from Mr. Robot playing Freddie. Will be interesting to see him in a different amplua.


Who isn’t a fan of Queen? Apparat from my boss. But then again he’s french.

Any the film is great. Loved it.


Brian May though. Yeah just an astrophysicist that fancied playing guitar in a band. Jesus.


I saw it last night and it was pretty awesome. If you’ve any nostalgic memories of the old concrete Wembley you’ll love it for that alone.


Just saw it. What a terrific film. Definitely the best film I’ve seen at a cinema this year.