Any Psychologists in the House?

Hope so. If there are, please PM me! I’m after people to interview for an article.

Thankin’ you! :smiley:

Psychology A level (grade A) count??? :stuck_out_tongue:


More likely to be psychologists’ patients on here, than practitioners. :wink:

Let me know if you find one. I could probably do with seeing one :smiley:

i invented it:D you cant get into my head:D

ok better stop drinking on an empty stomach dinner time:w00t:

Oooh, ya bunch of scamps.

Okay, gonna bump this. Sorry.

Reason I’m hoping one of you is one, is because I’m writing something up for a bike mag. I could go ring up any university and get hold of someone that way, but it’d obviously be great to speak to a riding someone!

Sooo if anybody works in the field, or did their doctorate and went on to do something else, or knows someone of that ilk who rides but doesn’t post, please let me know!