Any professional Carpenters on here interested in a job

We need someone to build a cabinet around a server cabinet, my rep will be on the line here so only looking for professionals that will be able to do a good job.

if interested let me know asap

I was beginning to think that nearly all londonbikers were white collar/professional, then we get two “carpenter” posts in a week.

Things are looking up.

Try these.

Try MAD-DOG Dhofty :wink:

I wish LB would put up a list of regular forum users with specific skills like carpenter/rat exterminator/IT/dishwasher or dogs body for us :smiley:

I’d be interested too. Been looking to build a cabinet to keep my vinyl LPs out of sight - so that I can actually pretend that I’m keeping up with the times :slight_smile:

Sounds like you need a cabinet maker and not a ‘chippy’ :slight_smile:

cheers gabs:kiss: but for once i’m busy with work. sleeper i could pass my mates number to you if you want?

Hi guys, I’m a carpenter and have been making and fittting all my own cabinets for nearly 20 years. Wardrobes/home study/lounge units etc. Mainly fitted painted mdf and vennered mdf. I can make free standing stuff to and get it sprayed but it does cost some for that. I only work alone in a small pay as you go workshop so i can keep my costs down with no vat charge. have loads of photos i can email anyone. give me a call if you want a chat. 07778 213 181 cheers, clive

What’s the difference? :slight_smile:

did somebody say salt and vingegar? :smiley:

A cabinet maker makes furniture (like what is needed here)

A chippy does things like building houses and swinging doors;)