Any plumbers on?

I’ve got an old-school Steptoe style toilet with a big cistern up on the wall, a long lever and a chain flush. The lever has snapped in two and I’m struggling to find a source for one. I don’t know what it’s made of otherwise I’d just get Matt @ the OMC to weld it up. I suspect cast iron but you never know! Any ideas folks? Tried Wickes, Screwfix, B&Q and getting frustrated on line.

Carve one out of wood!

If it is old it’s cast steel 
If it is a repoduction it probably Ali
You can braze cast
Take a picture of it I have some spares in my shed

Have managed to find one online, thanks Wise for the offer. It’s in cast iron!

It sounds like a Rubberwell Systern any good plumbers merchants should have them is stock ( wicks and B&Q will not)