any plumbers in north london area?

my little bro is doing his level 2 city and guilds plumbing course and need to work to carry on with the next section. just needs to help out/work shadow day or 2 a week so he can see how things are done properly. he rides a scooter and will soon be driving so is able to get about. anyone in the north london area able to take him on?

he’s probably done this already, but get him to check out the yellow pages for plumbing/heating companies in a reasonable distance from home, give 'em a call, or better still knock on the reception door and ask to talk to the boss, you may find that because of the recession they are loath to take on paid labour, but they may take someone as a “helping hand” we have in the past, as its quite common for apprentices to need to do practical work on-site that is not normal work for the companies they work for, so they are “loaned” to companies that do that type of work ( a crock in my view as most of the practical work they are talking about would be better done in the workshop) failing that go tp the local plumbers merchants and se if they will let you put up a card. good luck

I also know someone in the same boat and i asked at work but he says he cant do anything at the moment.