any plans for tomorrow

if anyone is planning to do +/- 100 miles or more tomorrow please let me know.

As i said Paul… if its ok tomorrow i will be up for a run out.

here’s the route I am doing tomorrow,51.551678,-0.107782%3B9717702056241211128,51.322460,0.156780%3B10063200952555444770,51.268140,0.079190%3B15816955421746853943,51.212220,-0.547450%3B17370239163054412,51.132050,-0.994200%3B13835452541276785113,51.063144,-1.318096&saddr=Drayton+Park+%4051.551678,±0.107782&daddr=A224%2FLondon+Rd+%4051.322460,+0.156780+to:A25%2FBrasted+Rd+%4051.268140,+0.079190+to:A248%2FNew+Rd+%4051.212220,±0.547450+to:Unknown+road+%4051.132050,±0.994200+to:51.063461,-1.318874&mra=dme&mrcr=0&mrsp=5&sz=15&via=1,2,3,4&dirflg=h&doflg=ptm&sll=51.071093,-1.303339&sspn=0.017852,0.037422&ie=UTF8&z=15

Might plonk me ass down the Ace and see what happens;):smiley:

These roads have been recommended by “The Best Rides” Motorcycle Atlas

Seems enthusiastic, hows about a Sunday ride out from the Ace around 10.00am taking in the Brecon Beacons ,Snowdonia , Chester and the M6 toll road/ speed test track?

See you for a coffee round 9.57 at the Ace?

might even join ya, wot time u thinking of ? :slight_smile:

Im up for this as long as its not raining tomorrow, but the forecast doesnt look too good

what time and where are you starting from?

sorry guys I missed your replys and went on my own - the rain messed things up though. The route however is awesome.

Even the A31 ??? a lot of that is dual carriageway, hope you had a good ride,

Maybe give people a bit more notice next time, I only just saw this