Any Photos from WSBK Brands - Grid??

Hey, i was on the grid on sunday and saw a guy in a london bikers t shirt taking some photos… just wondered when they’ll be put on here!!


Danni x

Hey Danni, that was me. The pictures are coming very soon! We took so many, it takes time to process them.

jay must Compliment ya on quality gallery was lookin last nite, Foxy lookin very Foxy wouldnt be summin to do with all these super star riders would it… i really must get to a race weekened looks the bizz

Welcome to LB Danni52, go say hi in the newbie section there’s a woman there just waiting to poke you


If you got any pics of the MV Augusta brolly gal, I know her, and I am sure that she would appreciate a web posting!

I didn’t get out on the Superstocks grid I’m affraid fella. We can only get one photographer in to these events with access-all-areas passes, and I couldn’t be in two places at once Big shame we can’t get more photographers in.

When the SBK races were on, I had to run onto the grid to get shots there, then during the warmup lap, run round the pit, into the inner paddock, onto the track, across the grass and into place for the race! Hard work, my legs are sore and sunburnt in a few places!