Any one fancy an R6 !!!


it’s like I always say, dem wimmins is crazy

If a bird did that to me I would set fire to her entire f*cking wadrobe, followed by running the lawnmower over all her shoes. . . :smiley:

I love the questions:

WTF, she “killed” the bike, payback?

Looks like Terrys Bl*de :smiley:

Damn, that’s harsh!

damn right!

Just a gentle reminder to put the toilet seat back down? !!!:hehe:

It must be a current trend, my mate has a garage and he’s had 3 bikes in this year, damaged as a result of angry women. Just plain evil.

Hehe… maybe he forgot that no matter how many times you are asked, there really is only one answer to “Does my bum look big in this?” :smiley:

If he wasnt unfaithful wtf did he do???

Mad theyre all mad i tell you

Well not all of us I hope. But then perhaps we are for riding bikes :smiley:

Did anyone notice the ebay seller ID? :wink:

Gee!:w00t: I would never do such thing to my other half (even tho he is an ex now:D)

Not mad !!!

Just wired up wrong !!!


Guess we don’t need to ask which of the options he went for… :smiley:

Saw my ex-wife poring over my bike outside my flat before she picked up my boys from me.

Later, drive less than a mile to the petrol station and back feels soggy. Mmmm, screw in rear tyre, leaking audibly.

Could be coincidence, get screw in tyre in less than a mile later, but I think not, particularly as I had previously shown her how to prep a neighbour’s tyres for this, but can’t prove anything…

Only cost me £120 for a new rear tyre - could have been worse it seems.


i’d be doing the bi@tch for criminal damage!!!