any meets during the week!

does anyone know any meets or just gatherings that are on during the week in the london or essex area

None in London or Essex, but Odiham Junction 5 of M3 on every Wednesday, and Poole Quay is a must every Tuesday. (Bit far out of London I know)

is the one in odiham on every wednesday???, i was led to beleive it was on the 1st or last wednesday of every month i cant remember although last time i went it was hoooooge, praps it would be worth getting a load of us down there when it warms up??

Black swan in ockham just off the m25 - a3 junction at wisley on a wedensday night

Check the Ace to see whats on because there are loads of diffrent meets during the week.

In the summer I will be making my way down to Poole Quary

yer we could do but just how many bikes dya expect to turn up!
im in romford bit distance dont bother me more time to ride!
where is great bentley is that near colchester!
ive never been silver ball we will have to sort something out and meet up and go there