Any mechanics on LB who can fix my bike?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone was handy with the tools and can help me fix my bike. Any help would be appreciated and can pay for the time.

whats wrong with it? :blink:

Raq, are you sure the front end is damaged, have you ridden it since the incident and does it feel different?

wots wrong with it ???

I’ve ridden it and it doesn’t feel different but the handlebar is slightly off. If i have it straight the wheel is pointing ever so slightly in a different direction. Can’t feel any other difference with the bike apart from the cosmetics.

might be the clip on hss moved or knocked your yokes out of alingment. what happened

Highsided! :crying:

oh no :frowning: hope any damage is not as bad as you think - good luck with fixing it mate :slight_smile:

Cheers bud, you back on the road? Saw your post about the lid, which Arai did you go for at the end?

sh1t mate!! when was this?

Get it checked out by a qualified mechanic first. Just see what they find. Sorry to hear bout the highside :frowning:

No not yet, still waiting to hear from Dobles when they will deliver the new bike, also my wrist hasnt fully healed, im hoping everything looks up next week (fingers crossed!)

I went for another RX7 corsair, though in black - ideally i would have wanted another haga replica but there was no way im forking out £600 for it! :doze:

I feel your pain highsides aint cool. Speak to Adz on the forum. Hes been my mechanic on my gsxr for some time, is very reasonable and generally a good guy,

might be lucky! could be a twisted clippon as mentioned. either bent or just twisted

Or twisted forks inside the yokes? quite likely after a big accident.
Or… worst case scenario unfortunately bent forks.

Last Wednesday, hence why I didn’t make the BM.

Cheers will send him a PM.

My partner Dave is good at mechanics and keeps my bikes on the go!

I do have a good mechanic called Andy at Swallow Motors in South Ruislip. His number is: 0208 423 3122.

He’s excellent and doesn’t charge loads.

oh just saw this - sorry to hear about it and hopefully see you on the road soon :cool:

Are you fixed yet? if not then I’m happy to have a look at it for you.:slight_smile:

only just seen this, late as always me :smiley:

theres 2 people id recommend, Matt at southern cross motorcycles OR

my fella lee ILM motorcycles in Barnet.

if you wana give one of these guys a try PM me :smiley: