Any local race tracks?

So back up in Liverpool one of the smaller local club tracks had a charity day once a month where you could take any bike on for £1 a lap.

Anywhere down here do anything similar? If not, any ‘proper’ track days you’d recommend?

Tesco car park

^^^ We need to do this! Preferably a larger non-24hr Tesco…

You’re a long way from £1 a lap land now :frowning:

unless its a seedy place that does lap dances for £1
my kind of club they run a good day,i seem to have become addicted to them in the last year , was doing 2 a week in august,have dedicated trackbike and van to transport it,although turned a bit cold now will not start again till april next year,msv is the other company, this time of year the prices are super cheap.
the forum used to have a little trackday section but it seems to have disappeared.