Any LB'ers paramedics

i need to ask a couple of q’s for an essay im writing, to do with career progression

much apprecias :smiley:

try rusty,sure he’s what your looking for.

cheers :slight_smile: might be helpful if you cant find anyone here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Curtis there’ a paramedic who goes on the BCR I think his name is Steve. Sneaky will know. :slight_smile:

I’m not a paramedic, however, I do know a bit about career progression.

I use career progression as a reson for changing jobs at job interviews. I typically advise that in my current role I’m not developing fast enough for my own satisfaction, there is not sufficient training and there are not suitable peers to learn from.

I would say that I’m looking for a new challenge, more responsibility and more scope to develop within the role.

That’s my approach to career progression.

If the questions not private, post it up and someone might be able to help?

It’s fine guys n gals rusty answered the question :slight_smile:

I’ve got First Bike on Scene if it helps.:slight_smile:

My trepanning skills are legendary:)