Any LBers in K&C

Having surveyed (don’t ask) 187+ bays with over 2000 bikes in them and I haven’t seen a single LB sticker.

Are there any LBers in K&C?

Praps you should buy 2000 LB stickers and get sticking, im sure some would log on just out of curiosity

thats funny flatout …


Hahaha! I even don’t know what K&C is? Charlie the stickers are easy mate, tell me the colour you want and I will fix them on your bike at the cubanas, lol

Kensington and Chelsea

You put any of those on either of my bikes and I’ll report you to the police for criminal damage.

Paivi’s bike + 2000 stickers. That’s going to be some look!!!Lol

We would love to be able to promote LB properly and let all the bikers in London know about the great community we have, but it takes a lot of money to do it. There’s plans afoot though to try and address this problem. If there’s 2000 bays in one borough, can you imagine if we stickered/flyered all the bays in London?!

187+ bays and 2000+ bikes

2000 bays… could you imagine