any ladies on the bikes?

You do know this is an all gay London-based leather fetish forum?

+1 hairy scrote


whereisgibson what what ?

Is this now a gay dating website?:w00t:

i hope not lol

I’m in

‘Rideout’, ‘tailgunner’, ‘stubby exhaust’, ‘triumph owner’ - all the signs are there. Come say hello here and tell us all about yourself

Oi, orange is more gay than black.


depends who’s wearing it Bobby boy. :wink:

You’re just repressing your feelings since you sold the KLR :stuck_out_tongue:

KLV. Besides, calling this tank gay is like calling M107 sniper rifle cute. :stuck_out_tongue:


i knew it!!! :smiley:

Welcome Mags :slight_smile:

What manner of bike are you riding? Our aged eyesight can’t tell from yer avatar. If it’s a Trumpet after all, double welcome.

Looks like a speed triple to me, Welcome :smiley:

+1 :D:D:D