Any Kingcross crew here?

Howdy, I’m gonna be moving in a few weeks time to Kingscross, just off the Pentoville road. I was just wondering what it’s like keeping a motorcycle around those parts? There’s a motorcycle bay just off the Cali-road that has quite solid looking steel things to shackle your bike to but are these any good? I use almax chain and all the top rated gubbings.

Anything I should be a aware of or should I just give up now and sell the bike?

Option B !

lots of estates round there ,all the way up to Penton rise and Barnsbury.

Just make sure you lock it down to something solid , the pro’s seem to take it no matter what , but the oportunist estate kids should be put off !

Good luck , grew up at the bottom of Pentonville road.

id scout out the other bike bays near you at night… & find the ones where the nice bikes are parked & park it there !! :slight_smile:

no use parking it in a bay if theres a Scooter parked there with ignition wires hanging out !! :wink:

buy a lockable cover and use it… :slight_smile:

I’ve parked closeby in Angel on the street for 8 monts with no problem - but I always chain it to something and chain and disclock the cover in place

But once I parked just behind the Royal Mail offices just a bit down the road from there and it was outside a packed pub and even with people around the bike some scrote tried to test the steering lock and when someone challenged him, he dropped the bike to the ground…

Not a very safe area to park a good bike. There was a scooter nicked recently from the parking bay you have mentioned. I have seen some decent bikes parked on collier street in front of Spitfire Studios.(there is probably a cctv there).