any karting track open to bikes?

Hi all,

as you know is there in London area any small track, like a karting or minimoto track that opens to motorcycles?

you know, for who has a small bike and want to practise a bit in safety without spending much…

Not in London. Don’t think there is but let us know when you find one.

I you wish to travel, there is Lydd and Swaffham that allow bikes;

sickening that buckmore don’t allow bikes. plus there’s an indoor track in charlton - how perfect would that be?! they don’t reply to emails though, i suggested i could get a group booking but nada :angry: brands also has a karting track but no motarding action either

Having just got my leathers, only thing left for me to do to go on the track is fix the issues with the bike… :smiley:

did brands on the husky the other week. was a good crack but need more than 4 corners a lap really. looking at lydden in november. if it ain’t snowing by then that is.

how good would an indoor kart track be. wouldn’t matter what the poxy weather did

Or by the time we found the small track do you know any big open space… kinda massive parking or something?

yeah it’s a pity that these karting tracks do not allow bikes, even if we book as a group

it’s so much fun to practise in a small tracks where you can concentrate in the lines and in the posture, no super speed or hard braking…

would love to say that’s an idea for Dragon’s Den but, I’d say: “I’m out”

check this post guys