Any idea what this is worth?

One of the neighbours was throwing it out so I went on the scrounge. It weighs 4.5kg and I think it is solid brass. It is old and I figured there are old people on here so maybe someone knows if it has a value other than scrap.

Worth its weight in brass…?

In brass it’s a about £10.

If a 4 cell Maglight torch is a legalised cosh with a bulb, then that is a 6’ fighting staff that could also be used to illuminate a room.

What did you expect from a martial arts coach?

+1 worth its weight in brass if it is brass, Mr Pritchard probably knows better. I’d suspect its electro coated steel, check it with a magnet (clue - brass is non-magnetic). Also if the flex doesn’t have three wires to the plug you can only sell it on as spares or repairs because it will need to be re-wired with an earth, them’s the law/regulations.

Second thoughts in Chelsea (read also Kensington, Hammersmith or Peckham) it may carry a premium.

If you calligraphically write ‘vintage’ on it, it’s priceless

It does have a 3 wire plug. Looks like a vintage design. Runs with the out of a skip theme.

Looks like twin flex into a three pin plug, if so its spares or repairs.

Re-wire it in 5 amp 3-core white flex with a new MK646 3 pin plug, replace the 13 amp fuse with a 5 amp fuse and punt it on eBay at £50 or best offer as a re-wired vintage standard lamp. Include in the description ‘re-wired to a professional standard with 5 amp 3 core flex, 13 amp plug fused at 5A’ etc. If up for collection only be prepared for her who drives the school run tractor to want to collect it after the school run on her way to Fulham Tarts for her morning coffee.

if your caught using a tourch in an offensive way its an offensive weapon
no such thing as a legalised cosh

That is an idea. If there is no interest in the auction I’ll do that.

and if you do don’t forget my commission!

Since I’m no longer allowed nice creams, chocolate or cake I’ll accept a Diet Coke :wink:

rewire it & put a lampshade on it
use a designer LED bulb in it play around with the finish to add some patina to the finish & sell it as an upcycled standard lamp
i think you may be pleasently surprised how much you may get for it


if your caught using a tourch in an offensive way its an offensive weapon
no such thing as a legalised cosh.


I was kinda joking.

But if you want the facts about offensive weapons; There are three things that class something as an “offensive weapon”. One is having something and intending to use it as an offensive weapon. However, if you are not carrying something with intention to use it to hurt someone, but then, when in fear of immediate unlawful force, you take an article and use it to protect yourself, or another person, or property, from attack, and only use what force is appropriate and necessary at the time, then that is allowable in law.

It’s just a torch officer

look, I turn it on and it makes light. torch.

Good luck getting those through customs @me_groovy

Thanks, seems to have worked.

Absolutely no interest on ebay saw it back in the skip. Thanks all.

doesnt get away from the fact that there is no such thing as legalised cosh, you may have the ability to google your innocense, but at the end of the day its will be a judge or jury who has the final say