Any help or tips for a Moto Gp road trip?

As above, Does anybody have any helpful tips to help a Moto GP road trip.

I’m looking at Sam Marino in September, Driving down over a couple of days going via the channel tunnel

I haven’t really got a clue where to start with regards to camping etc


I’m going to Misano in September as well. Hotels in the nearest town, Misano Adriatico, are almost already booked out! However they’re reasonably priced and within walking distance of the track and the beach! You can buy tickets online from, which has an online English translation. We’re taking the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre, riding to Paris, then autotrain to Nice near the Italian border. Two weeks around northern Italy and back the way we came.

If going via the tunnel, you could go down through the Ardennes, the Black Forest and over the Alps?

Assen looks interesting in June. Might take the ferry over for that and stay at my parents house. It’s supposed to be a good atmosphere.

What the 29th, always looks mad there with huge crowds…should be fun