Any help needed?

I am interested in helping someone with a streetfighter project.

Unfortunately I don’t have much mechanical experience, but learn quickly etc.

PM me if your up for it.

I’d be willing to let you lend me a hand with my VTR Fighter but I don’t want my TL parked on top of it;):smiley:

Maybe tel could use a hand, i’m sure he had something on the go.:smiley:

you can start buy buying me a frame garret :w00t:

think terrymoto could do with some one to help with his project,pm him:)

The offer was for ‘apprentice’ not ‘gullible numpty’.

There’s a Hornet frame in new Malden. Should be on eBay (also selling other bits) I bought some stuff from him, a decent bloke BTW.

Thanks Choprocker & Tug, will do.

i was joking mate :stuck_out_tongue:

not gona use hornet frame for my fighter when i get round to it, it jsut wont be seen if i do lol