any GSXR600/750 K6 owners here? pipe recomendations...

was just wondering if you have any recommendations on what pipe to buy? I’d preferably like one that fits the following

  1. Is not too loud (ie not a true race pipe just baffle out)

  2. doesn’t need a can hanger as I like the short pipe design

  3. money no object (thats a joke around £400 max)

should I admit on an open forum I’m a GSXR rider or is that not cool

cheers for any info


p.s. I’ve looked at the thread on but they dont mention how loud they are…

we have a black k6 in our shop at rex judds edgware with a micron on it the little stubby one,sounds good.

the road legal pipe retails at around £280

looks quite cool too - someone sprayed it balck and it looks ace - thnx

i prefer standard on my bike…sounds awsome when its really chirpin…

plus…if you can unplug that servo in the open position…it keeps some valve open and apparently…it makes the bike sound the kipper tats!!!

gonna give it a go meself when i can be botherd…

its only a 5 min job ‘n’ all…

but anyways…im stickin with standard mate


ahh thats the removal of the SET valve which can be tricky - does make it sound better tho

thats the one…yea…makes the bike smoother and gives ya a lovley tone in the lower half…

ive seen a tutorial on orig gixxer and it looks pretty strait forward…just need two ppl to do it…for observation of the servo while the key is turned…

im gonna do it soon i think…it can always be put back if needed…


some one say pipe??? think two of these would look good K7 1000, well it wont look no worse than them twin stubbies



i’ll do it first mate and see how it goes and what it sounds like…

will let ya know soon as mate.


Link here for SET valve removal

you may need to sign up to to see this…and yeah those new exhausts on the Giixer thou yuck and no cheap option to replace this time either with two of em…

Thats a sterling pipe :wink:

I would go for a yoshi pipe mate!

fella at work runs a k7 thou with twin arrow’s, nice tone from them and don’t get too loud until the higher revs

on the gixxer 600 microns are usually over the 105db. around 107 and most have to have them repacked after every use to pass noise testing. arrow are even worse as they are made to european spec and come in at 107 from new so a baffle is a must to sound even half respectable.

don’t know numbers for any others.

MHP can give you full race performance yet keep the noise down i’m sure…worth a call maybe