any grid girls or show girls needed?

PM me some details hon - we may run a BSB team this year and it might be something to think about.Gabs.

oooh made an old man very happy if a little breathless :slight_smile:

pics now in my personal collection to peruse later :smiley:

If you need help judging them powderpuff gissa shout

chunks at least mine is mansoup unlike you, all you would shoot is DUST :smiley:

If anybody knows the thread starter please can you tell him to contact me because I have a job for this girl…with some pay…


1eater would be up for this gig if you don’t get any joy:D

behave :wink: x im serious! it’s at brands hatch and everything! :slight_smile:

Try PM’n him, he should get a mail notification somewhere where his might look regularly.

Ive just rang him…left a message for him

Trust you to have his phone number :D;):smiley:


Thanks mate - I did - twice - and didnt get a response…

Fankoo :wink:

I’ve a friend whos already a pit girl/wear lyra for blokes to oggle.

Want me to see if she has any idea’s of where to get started? The Brands Hatch thing sounds good though :slight_smile:

Fiver says youre about to get a load of requests for photos…

davebez ask her if you can, any advice is much appreciate it.

I had some issues and didn’t get on the net, too busy at work. Thanks Blade for giving me a shout.

Haven’t asked her if you guys talked yet, I will give her a call later on today. If you did let me know how it went:):slight_smile: She did say that she was going to send you some photos by e-mail.

Thanks again for all the input, wasn’t wrong to start this thread. If she will get better at it and start earning big I will make sure to hit her that I need a new bike:):slight_smile:

Come on, chick - answer your phone or turn it on! John is trying to ring you and all he gets is answerphone!

Ive emailed my mate. I’ll pm you with the details she passes on…if they are any good :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mr Neopolitana…did you get this yet? Im trying to organise something for 8th March at Brands and the Team Manager is not based in the UK so need to get it sorted sharpish!


If all else fails you can always fall back on 1eater:)

TerryMoto does:D