any grid girls or show girls needed?

Hi there, I have a friend that wanted to get into some posing business:D, grid girl, bike/car shows girl and such.
I didn’t really knew if I should post or not but I though you lovely people might have the right contacts:P for this request.

Many thanks:)

pics please :wink:

sod off jonny im first in line :slight_smile:

What are u lot like eh? first, then you all decide?? tsk tsk :wink:

not me blade im not proud lmfao :slight_smile:

Now now boys… no fighting!!!:D:D:D:D

Seriously now, if you think you can help and you would like to see a portfolio I will ask her. I have a few photos on the phone. Let me see if I can post them.
I didn’t really wanted to put her pictures up on a public forum for no reason.

Hope you are not just a bunch of pervs that wanted to se a young lady:P






Maybe you should try send the pics to Streetfighters and BSHs?

Forgot to say that if you can post on other forums where you think there might be an interest. I don’t think she will mind.
Sorry about not posting on the forums, I have been lurking around just being quiet. That’s how people are, only when they need something they start talking and asking for favours:D

She only mentioned this recently and I though this would be a good place to start.

If you have any e-mails, addresses, places you think she should start let me know and I will pass the details. Diablo, how do you get in touch with Streetfighters and BSHs???

Try these guys: There must be others too. Good luck :slight_smile:

  • Chunky passes SteveGSX a tissue*

tsk :P:D

And another: This is fun research!! :stuck_out_tongue:

…right, back to work!! :doze:

Just dropped my soup !!! ha ha ha…:smiley:

I think Steve did too…Man Soup…lol:D

Thanks to you Chunks, I just spilled tea all over my laptop and it’s all sticky!!This is supposed to be a pure ‘St Valentine’s’ day, not man soup day :PWhat are you guys like!

Oh thats made my Valentines Day!!!Two lovely ladies with sticky keyboards…lol;):smiley:

There’s going to be a load problem with them now no doubt :w00t:

Thanks:) I will make sure to pass the info.

A good way would be to contact the editors

SF - [email protected]

BHS - [email protected] fao:Stu Garland

Hope this helps. Oh and they’ll probably expect semi nude (topless)

Ha, thanks, I will make sure to tell her that I need to take some naughty photos of her, see what she says then:):stuck_out_tongue: