Any green laners on here?

Does anyone have any green lane routes they do around the Essex/East London area??

I’m based in Hornchurch so would preferably like them as close to that area as possible. I’m dying to get out on the bike and get muddy for the first time but have no idea where to go!!!

I’m going to Join the TRF after christmas but would love to get a couple of runs under my belt so i know how the bike will behave and learn how to handle it before going out with the TRF lot in January for the first time.

I’ve never really been that far East/South, but I’m being goaded into sorting something out Herts way next Saturday, I think I need to be back by about 4pm though. 

Likely to between the A10 and M1 and north of the M25 if I do get round to anything…

I think that may be a bit far for me to go on the Nobblies, i haven’t got transport for the bike yet so would stick the Noblies on and ride to where i need to go off road :slight_smile:

there’s a route that’s possible from Enfield/cuffley to Dunstable that I did many a year ago on an off road day IIRC

have you tried here…

Thats great cheers, i’ll take a look at that

That site is great, thanks for that. there isn’t anything close to me, but there is stuff not too far away that could be fun

I used to cut the mud over Essex park leading onto the old airfield 

Where’s that? is it a B.O.A.T or do i need to keep an eye out incase Mrs Wise wants to chase me??

Hornchurch is met 

Mrs wise is Essex 

I’ll do a map for you 

Ok, I know where you mean now

have a look at this one, no idea if it’s up to date near you. But most of the Kent and Surrey ones look valid.

Will you be coming on a TOWiE wet roads special in the spring Sam?

Of course, and I wont moan if you go through fords :slight_smile:

gone are those days… just not confident enough to take the adventure out to get muddy… :frowning:

soon I hope to be back on the green lanes :slight_smile: there are some good ones around…not sure what you picked up but my advice is to armour up and don’t go out alone…even though you can probably pick the bike up  easily it’s amazing the positions your legs can get into when you do crash (and you will, part of the fun :)) it’s easy to get pinned and need a mate to move the bike…

there are some good fairly flat ones in Kent…fast and good to get a feel of the bike…thetford forest is good but a lot harder going…hopefully will be back out in the new year :slight_smile: will let you know

Nice one.

I do all my greenlaning around Dorking way - this is good: and seems to have most listed.

good to see you boys wanting to get off road on the legal byways but just to reiterate  …

GREEN ROADS boys … get on message  … the world “lanes” give the impression that we are borrowing them from the walkers … they are GREEN ROADS  :slight_smile: …and walkers should take care when walking down green ROADS