Any GPS wizards around?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody knows where I can get some POIs for speed cameras in the UK and EU? Everywhere I’ve found has been a ‘pay to play’ scenario so far…

Demonoid had them, the pocketGPSworld ones I think

USENET is your friend :wink:

Anyone want to do me a big favour and download and then email these to me? I can’t use bittorrent at work, and have no internet at home :confused:

I downloaded some from a torrent and they were rubbish. Whoever created them even had adverts for their site popping up as URLs. A 12 month subscription is only £30 from Garmin I think. I’d just go with that.

Keep your eyes peeled though as it doesn’t cover everything. There is a camera on the approach to the M4 West coming off Chiswick roundabout that wasn’t on the database.