Any good scrutinize-ers about?

Hope this isn’t the wrong section to post this in :ermm:

I’ve been looking for a new bike for about 2 months now (ever since the gearbox went boom on my xvs650). I’ve had my old gn125 which has been doing the job (just about) ever since.

Problem is i’ve been lacking confidence in actually going for a new bike as I don’t wanna end up with something that in 6months time is gonna need a whole lotta work doing and I don’t trust myself to be able to scrutinize a bike properly. Also I worry that being only 18 people will try and take me for a ride.:w00t:

So i’m wondering if any of you beautiful people would be up for coming to a view a bike with me and giving it a proper eye over? I could pay for you time (in the currency of coffee/tea and lunch. :wink:

This is what i’m thinking of going to see


Any help would be A-mazing

Saw the word ‘Bandit’ in the link. Sorry, washing my hair!


hehe, someone will help…

Whereabouts in Kent, and when you thinking of?

Also, no one is going to be able to guarantee all is well with a bike, that is the down side of buying 2nd hand.

If you can’t find anyone to go with, then looking at that pic I’m suspicious of those downpipes. They look very clean for a 5 year old bike that’s covered 15.5K, he’s either anal about cleaning them or they’re newish…why? Do the bar ends look the same? Is the front wheel inline with the rear? Are the gaps around the fairing equal? Is there tippex writing on the inside of the fairing? Check the very bottom of the fork legs for painted over scuffs. All tell tale signs of crash damage.

You then need to look at the normal checks for ware & tear, head bearings, chain & sprocket condition, disc wear, engine noise, oil condition, exhaust deposits, suspension movement etc etc etc.

I’m sure the folks on here will be able to offer even more advice.

Let us know where & when you’re thinking of, I’m no expert but more than willing to have a nose.

The guy works weekends so he said either sat/sun evening or during the week. I’m happy to go whenever. asap I suppose.

Thats the thing aswell even with a list I know I wouldn’t be able to check everything through fully. I get kinda nervous with people standing staring right down at me.

Oh and he told me where in Kent he is but i’ve forgotten. Just txted him now.

Right, Chislehurst, near Bromley apparently

Right near me :slight_smile:

Give us a PM when you’re thinking of going.

What’s the tippex thing about? just curious…

Most breakers will use a white/yello paint pen to write what the fairing part is on the inside of the fairing.

e.g A replacement right hand side fairing for my bike would have somthing like ‘zx9 C1 RHS’

If a fairing panel has that, then it’s likely to have been dropped so you can look deeper for more structual damage.

nice one - cheers - always good to pick up tips like that :wink:

ok got just got the follwing txt from the owner today…

“just had another enquiry about the bike, told them if you don’t take it i will let them look at it.”

What you reckon, being honest or trying to push me into buying. ??

Well if you think about it what use is it to you to know that someone else is going to buy it if you don’t???

Can’t blame the seller for trying this on - basically he’s putting the idea of a ‘Phantom Buyer’ in your mind to panic you into buying ( and paying full price ). He wants you to feel you have competition for it

Don’t fall for it.

Normally I don’t like playing games with sellers and like to keep things straight - but this guy has sensed that you are new/ uncomfortable with the buying process and is trying it on.

You could change his mind on that and make him think it’s him that has to work hard for this sale by replying back to him “That’s alright I have another Bandit to see anyway”.

This achieves three things;

  1. Makes him realise you are no pushover
  2. Makes him worried that his bike will be too expensive / not good enough compared to the ‘phantom’ one.
  3. Makes him more receptive to take an offer if he feels he’s got competition.

Here’s a general tip that we all forget when buying a bike ( I know I do and get into a ‘must have it’ mentality.

"This is not the only Bandit for sale in the world"

Simple but we often forget.

Also make an offer - don’t immediately fall for his price.

Offer no more than £1500 to start with - and don’t fold when he says no … drag it out.

Also remember that he may well be reading this too!

yh it was always in the back of my mind that he might be reading this

So if you are

Hiya dude ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Turning up with chazhead will help him realise im not gonna be taken for a ride. hopefully…

well unless its chazhead actually selling the bike :wink:


seriously all good points made and also check the paperwork matches details of bike vin’s colour and even datatag marks if used ( long number stencilled into the mirror glass can also be found elsewhere on bike )

and dont worry if you dont feel right about it walk away …lots more bikes available especially this time of year lots going into fairweather rider status and giving up for winter…

and ask questions …regardless of how trivial …

see how long they have owned it for … if its a short time why ?

from pic exhaust can does seem to have dent in with discolouration so possible tip over or scrape into wall/gatepost

Good that chazhead is with you - I would have volunteered by I know bugger all about inline fours in particular of Jap bikes in general.

Now if you were looking at a Triumph, Duke, Guzzi or BSA…

Thanks for all the advice people, and chaz you were a godsend. The bike looked to be in excellent condition and very well looked after.

Hopefully i’ll be at Novembers newbies night on a shiny new Bandit :D:D:D

tell him to let them look at it, you will get to him when you can and if bike is sold then no probs.

dont let him rush you if that is wot he is trying to do, also go when there is daylight, i find it off he will be only around in the evening.

lol, as you can see reading this thread a bit l8.

It’s near a major service plus that back tyre running into Winter, that’s 6 ton in 500 miles time. Thing about Bandits you have to run them regular or they give a bit of trouble starting (dampness gets to them). I’d be looking else where personally.

There’s one for sale at the Ace, older ‘N’ reg, but the owner use to work for SOS bike recovery so is in top nick with a new rear tyre, same bike - bandit with a fairing. Wants 600 quid, probable take 4 or 5. Pm me for his number.