Any Good Bike Servicing in West London?


A bit rushed, but I’m thinking to try and get my Honda Hornet 600 a bit of TLC tomorrow - oil change, and possibly chain and brakes.

Was thinking to go to Essential Rubber in their new location, but its now 40 minutes away in East London. SBK seems a little closer.

Is there anywhere people recommend closer to West London? Hexagon seem okay, though a bit pricey (guess private servicing’s not their main thing). SRS used to be around the corner in Trussley Road, but they closed down a year or 2 ago. I’ve contacted Optiflow too, in case they’re available.

I’d appreciate anyone’s positive experiences!



moto psycho in King’s X, its on the one way system WC1X 9ND, Kieth runs it, good bloke and knows his stuff and he wont rip you off and charge you for work not needed or carried out.:wink:

Essential put me onto him a few times, if they trust his work then so do i, i know the essential lot quite well.

Thanks Ratty - definitely getting closer! I make that 25 minutes away :slight_smile: I’ll give them a buzz tomorrow if I don’t find something as good/closer. Cheers :slight_smile:

dont know where in west london you are,
but big jims rims is around the corner from me in ealing, and they’ve always been very good nice people and can do last minute jobs if they can.
try giving them a ring tomorrow morning.

Hi, I’m in Hammersmith, so Ealing’s not far - thanks! I’ll give them a ring in the morning too.

Thinking about it … I’m rather surprised there aren’t loads of bike service places near the Ace? Would have thought it would be easy business there!!

Bill bunn south ealing road?

Thanks Alex - sounds interesting, have you used them? I just googled and found this unhappy customer. Guess there’s always one or two at least!

Yeah I’ve used them, failed an MOT there so needed wheel bearings, which they did while I waited for I think 30 quid plus parts?

They also gave me a few bulbs when I’ve been in there with indicators etc not working. They always fail me for not having a rear reflector, so they make 2 quid a time for a stick-on one!

this place is ok and its west london :smiley:

They are obscenely rude down at Bill Bunns

Honda specialists though, and there are two mechanics out back, old boys with shop coats on that really look like they know their stuff… Two of my mates get their honda’s sorted there with no problems…

Failing that try CBS Whitton… Nice bunch down there always very helpful when I go in…

I’ve used Datum Performance in Wembley quite a few times and they’ve always been spot on.

Unit 4 Tilling Way, East Lane Business Park, Wembley HA9 7NQ

0208 908 0898

Not too far from the Ace, either!

Thanks all for your helpful comments - good to know there are some recommended places not in East London! :slight_smile: I’ll ring around a few now, cheers! :slight_smile:

Well, I phoned around a good few of the suggestions and all were friendly and helpful - but not available till next week, or weekend.

Bill Bunn said £200-£250 inc labour, oil, filters. Presume inc VAT, as a little steep, but sounded friendly and knowledgable.

Hexagon sounded friendly and no nonsense. £35/hr + VAT + parts. Big Jims Rims were £37.50 and sounded about as good and estimated 3 hours work. Both sounded reasonable on costs for parts too.

Optiflow’s Adam is a bargain at £36 in VAT + travel (£20) + parts, but he couldn’t make it.

So, after phoning Essential, hearing their friendly voices and there not being a big queue right now, I can’t resist going over there even if it is 40minutes. If I need sparks or chain done, I’ll get it done locally later with one of the recommendations.



Hi all - just to let you know that Essential Rubber was worth the trip in the end! Even with the shop having a power cut. Mick adjusted and oiled chain, changed oil, oil filter and checked over the rest while I got a McDonalds. When I came back he was happy with the bike, and only charged me £30! Whatever he did to it, it feels like a new bike and I’ve a feeling the parts came to that much, so I feel like I owe him one! :slight_smile: