any girls up for ride out?

I’m new in this so I’m not really sure how it works, I’m just looking for girls that ride and to meet some new bikers

Who are you?

Ive been called a girl numerous times, can I join in??

There’s me thinking you was called a cell bitch

Only for you my love. Xx

Awwwww I’m in love
Don’t forget you promised to shave your inner thigh next time

You 2 have probably just scared the young lady to death :grin:

It’s Sam who has the face that could kurdle custard
I have the face only a mummy could love


YaraRocha: There are a number of bikers of the female variety here. Not sure why you’d want a rideout with only girls though, any more than I would choose to have a rideout excluding girls.

aaaaaaaaaaand you´ve ruined the thread… I was really looking forward to the Q&A session

You haven’t said whether you’re a boy or a girl, Yara. Nice ploy if it turns out that you’re a bloke.

On the flip side to the goon-squad’s replies, welcome to LB YaraRocha! Why not introduce yourself in our Newbies forum?

ping me in spring , too cold for longer trips for me now:) have send you message direct. you will get trolls on main forum and shit lots of blah blah first before anyone even offers to ride with ya :slight_smile: thats how regular guys roll in here with new people



Trolls??? No one is trolling her, as wildboy says, its just banter from a load of desperate old blokes :slight_smile:

In not old I’m just getting on a bit


If I were a gambling man I’d wager…