Any fishing/hunting people on here?

Looking for a good fishing/hunting store online…

Im going to try and be cheaky and see if i can score my section some decent umbrellas for free :smiley:

We want them to use for shade for the dogs when we are out on the ground, its already hitting 38 degrees here.

Obviously we are not after anything massive as space and weight is something we like to keep to a minimum due to the weight of our body armour let alone the rest of the kit we need to carry. But ofcourse it needs to be large enough for a labrador sized dog to lie under.

Those that saw pics from my last tour would of seen just how useful an umbrella is at helping keep the dogs cool out on the ground.

Umbrellas … what about my inlet camshaft :ermm::wink:

What is it with your dogs, this ones so simples a meer cat could work it out

Apparently the UK’s top 10 umberella companies can be found at

Dogs come first… My dog, my weapon and then me…

Its my dog who helps keep me and others in one peace so its only right that he gets treated as my highest priority :wink:

love my fishing

could try angling direct, or one of the bigger company’s like Nash or Fox ( both Essex based)

cheers Ratty, i’ll have a butchers

there is Essex Gun, a shooting/hunting shop in…wait for it…Essex, bet that come as a surprise :laugh:
thet prob largest in borough I believe but not sure if this would be something they go for but you never know worth a shot can only say no eh?

Wasps hubby is a gun bloke. he does shooting for Rentokil :slight_smile:

proper woodsman :smiley:

Is this the type of thing your looking for

Let me know and when I’m on my PC I’ll see if there’s a uk importer disturber

Thanks wise, nice idea but for my needs i think they would take up too much room in my kit

how about this ?