Any festival goers?

So festival season is fast approaching, and I was wondering which, if any, you guys are going to.

I’m going Bestival this year for my 3rd in a row, but its in September, so I might squeeze another one in if possible!

I was hoping to go to a festival with Cony from take me out…but the bitch don’t know who i am…:smiley:

she fuucking will do soon though…:wink:


Reading this year :smiley:

No glastonbury this year and I’ve not found a suitable replacement - think I might be a bit old for all that shennanigans nowadays anyhoo.

Warrior’s Dance Festival in Serbia for me and hopefully a few others if the timings are right :smiley:

Your never to old i’m 47 and will be going to reading this year , i first went in 1991 when pop will eat itself were headline :smiley:

PWEI are playing at the Electric Ballroom this Friday :smiley: [/sorry for the derail]

Are they ! thanks for the info . Friday night sorted :w00t:

no probs, I saw them at O2 Islington late last year, while a little nervous in seeing one of my favourite bands, they were good even if Clint is no longer in the band.
They played a good mixture of old tunes and ones off the new album.
Going to try and go to this one as well hopefully.

Bestival is like a smaller glasto, according to a friend who has been to both. And she keeps coming bestival every year like myself.

And you’re never too old for a festival, especially going by some of the folks I’ve seen at them!

Maybe not to old then, just too much of a grumpy old curmudgeon :stuck_out_tongue:

If I have time/money and in the mood, the only festival which interests me is Maschinenfest in Germany.
advantage being I could stay at me place in Germany, which is good :slight_smile:

Checkout the download lineup!

I really wanted to go but i have to put the money towards insurance :frowning:

Nah, I went to quite a few in the past but each one is as expensive as going on holiday. I am due to go to the bangface weekender in September though.

I’m going to Download!!!

Can’t WAIT, going with 20+ of my pals :smiley: