Any decent mobile phone offers

Thinking of changing up my old Nokia 6230.

I see 3 are doing a Nokia 6288 with 500 minutes for £15, but I’d like something with some text thrown in too if possible.

3 also do 75 minutes and 600 texts for £15 a month,

or £25 a month will get you 150 minutes and 750 texts, plus 50 multi media messages and £5 worth of content - ring tones, games etc…


You can have my smeggy old Sony Ericsson P800 for £80

Go to o2 website. I think they have a good package for about £25. 500 mins (offpeak, use the work phone during peak time) 500 texts and 500 WAP mins.

I have phones from 3, t-mobile and o2

dont ask why>


02 - got a really good deal but just check cos some of the deals are quoted exclusive of VAT

t-mobile - really good service but expensive

3 - really expensive for not much really - started off being cheap and now not so cheap anymore…

start off by seeing what phone you want and then try the following website for what deals are going -

I went for o2 as I think they offer the best rates for fair money and they don’t try to rip you off with hidden costs and don’t have exorbitant rates when you’re abroad. Also very good coverage I think. That was most important for me. But everyone is different.

Three is interesting too… but I haven’t found any 12 months contracts with them yet…?
I would never buy from a third party but have the contract always with the service partner directly. Is a lot less hassle if you have ANY problems.

If you want a twelve month contract on 3 best thing would be to phone them up, when i renewed with them they didn’t ahve any 12 month contract advertised but when I asked they were happy to oblige.

18 month contracts can be cheaper but I’ve yet to own a phone that lasts that long…

i changed from orange to 3 got 750mins 150 texts for 15 a month, the bonus is i can use the mins and texts for free abroad saving me hundreds each month. its limited to 9 countries but luckily im stuck in austria and thats on the list. you get free msn and loads of other crap free aswell. plus if u put down a mate referred u you and he gets 30 quid free credit which is 2 months free line rental.

DOnt go near 3 i had nothing but trouble and i know nothings changed there customer service is w an k, u have been warned…

Get an O2 online tariff, then you dont get no **** through your letter box, and once you been there a while they give you all the loyalty bollox… free mins and text

i find o2 is by far the best,

you could try orange i hussled them in to giving me 600 mins any network free ans unlimited texts for £25 a month

I’ve got T-mobile pay as you go at the moment. I could stick with em but I’ve made my phone last 2 years. It is a bit tatty now and the battery is loosing charge after a few calls. It just needs a new battery really but was thinking about a new contract so I can get another handset. Sounds like it I’d be better off sticking with them.

Can only disagree with you there. I’ve been with them 3 years now and have no comlaints at all. there customer service when I’ve needed it has been great and coverage has been surprisingly good. I get prompt and good upgrade deals, usualy a month or two early and overall I’m very happy.