Any decent bike covers?

Hi guys, the links in earlier threads are no longer working.

I’ve got a Triumph Trident 900 that needs a new one, I had one cover for years that was brilliant but that company (forgotten the name now) no longer makes one that size. I’ve had a cheap-ish replacement for about a year and it’s not really up to the job, plus it won’t slide on and off easily.

I really really don’t like Oxford products, the silver stuff delaminates and it looks crap after a short time. (And they don’t look that sturdy either)

Anyone discovered a good one?

Cheers in advance.

I’ve only ever had an Oxford rainex… Actually had a couple.and they’ve been ok.

My neighbor has one that looks like a foldable tent which looks great. Also I think can be secured to the ground. When I next walk past his will see if I can make out the brand

I’ve had several made by Stormshield and have been v happy with them. You tell them the bike make, if you use a top box etc and they make it to measure. No fading.

I have an Oxford Stormex. Maybe the older ones were more well made as it’s still in good condition at 10 years old.

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Mine is 10 years old and still going strong.

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I haven’t been out to check, and doubt I will for a while. But to give you an idea, he has something like this. Not cheap but might be worth considering

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I have a Held bike cover that I still have and can use. That is 14 years old now.

Thanks for all the suggestions chaps, I’m looking at all the options (and trying to avoid buying through Amazon too). I’ll let you know when I decide and purchase. :+1::beer:

One thing I would say, is be careful with the covers as they will scratch the paint work (this is why I stopped using them)

If room & budget allows Serrisan’s option would be the best option.

Unfortunately I live in N London with busy roads (although mine isn’t that bad), a big cover like that would be difficult as the bike is on the street. Thanks though…

Ah yeah that one only really works if you have something like a patio/ drive. On the road you need it to be flexible. I used to lock mine to where I left my bike and sometimes the wind would have opened it and the rain had got inside… Hated those times :joy:

To be honest any cover used daily, that is on the road will look shabby in no time. Ultimately it’s whether the cover works that’s key for me. My cover when parking o roads had holes and rips in places and had been pissed on by every cat in a square mile and shat on by birds with diarrhea but it still kept my bike dry.

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Also you must lock it to the bike, this is not only to deter the thieving element but also the homeless element who steal bike covers to sleep in.


This is not fake news. I’ve lost a couple of covers before in Central London!

Hi guys, well I spent a lot of time looking around and thank you all very much for your input.

I finally went for the JDC ‘Large’ which I found on Amazon (I couldn’t find it elsewhere). I fitted it on today and as you can see from the photo it’s a perfect fit. It’s extremely well made, heavy duty and the best bit is the elasticated bottom edges which pull the cover close in to the bike, no flapping loose material. It’s lined and went over the bike like a well lubricated condom… (Reminder it’s a 1993 Triumph Trident 900, Hinkley production.)
Seriously, it looks to be a winner!


Cover looks great but you’re on the double yellow :grin:

Sorry someone has to be the pedant here


Yes I’m right on the end so nothing parks up close to the righthand side of the bike. I can’t get the bike upright if they do! It’s my usual place although I do usually get just on the legal side of the yellow. :wink:

lol, yer be careful, I once won 2 lottery tickets. One from the Police to Remove the covert @ £60, then the actual parking ticket another £60… Fecking most expensive parking I’ve ever paid!!

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:scream: blimey… Well I’ve been parking here for 5 years and never had a problem, phew. Why a ticket for the cover? ‘Cos they couldn’t see the plate? Tax disk hasn’t been required for a few years now…

Yeah was being pedantic just because I knew someone would mention it. I mean it’s the internet… and no post can be taken at face value, it has to be criticised in some way.

But beware some traffic wardens can also be pedantic as sleeper says.

yup, exactly that. A traffic warden cannot remove it or he’s committing an offence, so he calls plod out to do it who them, then charge me (you) for the privilege.

To be fair, I knew I should not have parked where I did, so just took it on the chin, paid up and walked away.

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