Any (cheaper) alternatives to the Abba stand ?

As per the title… can’t really splash out 100 quids at the moment, and paddock stands are a bit tricky if I’m working on my tod !
I phoned Hein Gericke to ask but the guy on the phone didn’t know what an Abba stand was !


It’s abit like an A-ha stand but older…:D:D

What is the diameter of the hole that runs through the swingarm pivot on your bike?

Not 100& sure to be honest mate - I put a calliper on the protrusion of the bolt and it is suggesting 30mm

Il sell you mine for a price… :wink: Take a look its in the for sale bits.

Bump :wink:

I thought you were buying a 2nd hand one???

Well the seller isn’t replying to my PMs … :doze:

I have a Abba style stand that has a bar that goes right through the swingarm pivot instead of the inserts. It was made for a TL1000 but will work on any bike that has a clear hole through the swingarm pivot with a diameter of at least 18mm. PM me if this interests you.

Just measured the hole through the swingarm pivot, it’s only 10-12 mm :frowning:

Thanks anyway mate.

I’ve got an old NWS one that works on the same principle, but I think they’re about the same price.
Why don’t you want to use paddock stands ? I’ve always used them on me tod and not had problems - just the NWS stand is easier…

I think I have managed to source one now… believe me gurninman I’m a clumsy s0d and don’t trust myself operating a paddock stand single handedly :blush:

I’ve got an old NWS one too but have to say my ABBA is easier to use.

Is yours the old white one made from round tube?