Any Cartographers or map makers here?

Is anyone here a Cartographer (deals with maps) or is there anyone suitably qualified that can plot data onto an ordnance and survey map either in chart form or electronically so that there is a grid reference for every part of our clients ride?

It would need to be able to stand up to scrutiny from the defendants experts, so accuracy is the key, but it is we understand a specialist area.

Again, it is fee paying and we assume that given that there is 4 hours of data with a positional recording every 1 second (which is what I am told) there is probably a lot of work involved (unless told otherwise).

Any takers?

TC, I’m going away today and won’t have access to the software, but what you need is a GIS specialist and preferably someone with an ArcGIS licence. If you have the references in x and y or lat and long in an excel format it won’t be hard to do.