Any carpet/flooring fitters here?

Hi all,

Just need a bit of advice. I need new vinyl floor fitted in my bathroom, in my flat in E8, and just wonder if anyone knows how much I could expect to pay for labour and fitting materials - I’ll buy the flooring.

The space in question is just over 2m2, rectangular with only a sink pedestal and toilet to be cut around. The base is sound, solid and level.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I would guess around £60

but for such a small area id do it myself its easy

Cheers Wise - that’s what I’d expect too. I had one quote of £200 + materials so far.

I did think about doing it myself but I’m quite kak-handed and am certain to mess it up so would rather get a professional…

Get some cardboard or heavy duty lining paper & use it to make a template, once you’re happy it’s a good fit, use it to mark & cut out the vinyl.

As above, its a simple enough.

Make sure the floor is sound and flat, cleaning up any grease and dust. Leave the vinyl in the room for 24 hours prior to cutting and laying. Make up cardboard templates for around the tricky bits pedestals, pipes, pan etc.

Essential to a good job is to have serviceable tools - accurate tape measure and steel rule for measuring. Straight straight edge, sharp knife with spare blades and sharp scissors for cutting. Measure twice cut once. With such a small area you’d be best off having a separate area available for cutting.

If you really don’t fancy DIY then our man Scorch does that sort of thing. Although he’s a little way off Hackney I’m sure he’ll be well under the £200.00 labour quote you already have.

I can fit it as I’m in se London. Would be a lot cheaper than £200!! Ffs. Also, if you’re not bothered about the style of vinyl. B&q sell 2x2 metre vinyl for around £30 or so :slight_smile:

I’m available weekends.

Also, I’d prefer to remove the pedestal and loo and fit them back on top of the vinyl :slight_smile:

Finally someone who agrees with me, the number of bathrooms I’ve seen with vinyl flooring badly cut around the base of a loo is shocking.

Yes but the kind of workmen we get off the forum would forget to cut a hole in the vinyl and cause poo and loo to overflow.
I found the best way around the problem was to wall mount the pan and the sink, so that the floor is a perfect rectangular area which can be cleaned in a jiffy. Problem though, was altering the old imperial pipes to fit new metric ones.

Btw does anyone specialise in flagstone tiling really small areas … like, literally less than 1sq m2?! These tiles are 12mm thick and really need a lot of angles in the cupboard…!

Just had another quote for £150+VAT all in…still strikes me a bit dear as the flooring is £40 but since I’m not confident doing it myself - I may have to fork out the dough.

Tricky huh?

That’s why I ended up just using flagstone tiles instead. The work costs for buttressing the floor and laying the tiles for a similar size was the same…just the materials cost more. I’d rather pay £150 for a decent tiled floor than £150 for a professional plastic floor. Cutting corners for a cheaper finish is a horlicks but no harm in trying £40 of vinyl yourself. If you don’t like your first try, your second will be bettdr :slight_smile: if the look of the finish is important, Jaime is right - you need a pro to lift the toilet ped off and get a decent finish.

just get Jaime to do it.

+1 added bonus of supporting small business

Looks like I might get it. FYI. Those prices are astronomical!.
I’m charging the going handyman rate and I’ve priced £50-90. That’s 1-2 hours depending on how easy the jobbie is. £200 ffs! I could redo half the bathroom for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds a lot like they didn’t want the job at those prices. £50-90 is a lot more realistic.

Agree Jaime whip out the toilet and pedistal and do a proper job. can`t stand these cut around tiles and vinyl.

Mind you fit the toilet nicely, can`t stand a drippy soil pipe.

I`d do it for free for an LB virgin.:w00t: