Any budding photographers on the site??

Just got a new digital camera for my b’day. Sony DSC-H1, tries to be an SLR but not quite, and I love it.

Does anyone know any good sites for tips and ideas. Read somewhere about a site that gives you tasks to perform, and then members can give you tips on where you went wrong etc. Need to get myself up to speed on the techy bits and get myself a few lenses, just bought a Fisheye one which is good fun.

LOL great pic!!

I dunno of any sites, I’m a bit out of touch / practise, but Project9928 is right handy with his top new D-SLR and works in Jessops. (Soz Kev - have I dropped you in it? )

Mostly it’s just practise and lots of reading and looking at photos. I always held John Hedgecoe in some regard, his books are simple and he is a great photographer so the pics themselves are good. Just be critical of ‘proper’ pics and try and see what makes them good, and incorporate it into your next picture.

Savoury, a great photography site is:

They have really useful forums with people who can advise you on tips n tricks. I gleaned a lot when I picked up my D70 earlier this year. Nice picture, looks like one very wide-angle lens, what’s going on there?

Nice pic!

Maybe Jay will be along soon as he’s quite good with the camera. What about asking Wobbler back on MSN as he’s a photgrapher?

Andrew, I’ll look that name up cheers. Luckily, without sounding a twat, I have the imagination for good shots. Always been an arty type, and enjoying looking at things/scenes for potential shots, noticing things others wouldnt. Its been something I wanted to get back into for a while, but an expensive hobby.

Jay, I’ll look at that site now cheers mate. The lense is a ‘Fisheye’ one, but the settings still need a bit of work. Good fun though, think I’ll end up spending more time reading that snapping
Ended up with the Sony to save a bit of money, already have a 1Gb memory stick for a Cybershot point and click that goes with me everywhere.

Ken, spoke to Dan already. He helped me choose the Sony. Although not a full on SLR its as close to it for the price. I’ll be nagging him for tips next time we’re out.

Lol I don’t mind andrew

Hey fisheye lenses are great fun to muck about with, I have a 6mm peleng lens which I got off some random web site.

As Jay says dpreview is a good site for finding out about cameras and I think theres a bt on there for your photos. Alternitivly you can use which is a good site for getting advice and showing your work.

I used to use here you can have your own little page and post up pictures you have taken in your own gallery, here you’ll meet loads of people who like your work and hopefully will give you good advice, my page is I haven’t updated it in a while but now I have my new 5D I’ll probably start adding to it again lol.

Looking forward to the tail unit turning up


Why’s the picture out of focus project9928? I thought you were meant to be good at this sort of stuff? I want a wide-angle lens for my D70, though a long lens (~600mm) is probably more likely to turn up first.

Hey it is in focus I was showing Damian and Andrew that I could fit them both in one shot even though they were sitting wither side of me… so

600mm lenses don’t come cheap so its usually best to get a 2x tele converter.

That deviant sites got some good shots, hours of fun with Photoshop CS as well which is a must for everyone.

It is out of focus a little bit mate

How much is a x2 converter, Kevin? I have a 28-200mm Sigma lens on my D70 at the mo, but wanted morer length for the track shots. If the converter is cheap enough, I might contemplate still getting a long lens, but a more cost effective one, and use the converter. Is there any compromise with using one of these, i.e. image quality loss?

They should cost around £150 to £200, it will double your focal lenght but it will increase you f stop by 2 stops if I rember correctly.

I take it your 28-200 is f3.5-f5.6?

So say your using it a 200mm f5.6 that will become 400m f8.

As for quality it depends on what the glass is like, so if you use the Sigma one that goes with your lense it shouldn’t differ that much.

Nearly forgot to add that your D70 has an APS sized image sensor so this means that the focal length has to be timesed by 1.6. So your current lens will be 44.8mm - 320mm meaning that when you pop the 2x converter on you will be getting 89.6mm - 640mm.

If you were to buy a 600mm lens it would be an acctual 960mm. Lol the APS sized sensors are great for telephoto work but not so good for the wide angle.

Aye that’s right Kev, the increase in focal length applies equally to the aperture. They also come in 1.4x flavours.

My 70-200 f2.8 becomes a 140-400 f5.6 when my doubler is on. But then there’s the 1.6 magnification of the Eos10…mmm

Jay, a long lens is great - obviously the quality of a permanent 400 will be better than my ‘makeshift’, not to mention the inherent advantage in quality a fixed lens has over a zoom. I remember when zooms were a luxury item!

But that comes at a price. They are staggeringly expensive, esp when you consider how many times you’ll use it. Never mind the transporting it, and then lugging it around. You’ll need at least a monopod, and the slow aperture will kill the shutter speed, which’ll have to be around 1/500th to kill the shakes.

I’m not sure mind about a convertor on your 28-200, I remember reading ages ago that they are rubbish at the 28 end of the scale, but perhaps they’d be ok at the 200. Which is all you’d be interested in I guess.

Blimey. All you wanted to know about teleconvertors but was afraid to ask!!

Ok so it seems we do have a few budding snappers here.

Can you guys give me sdome advice on colours. Those shots of flowers, sunsets, fields etc with really vivid colours. I know its not that simple, but a few ideas to try would be good. I’ll be looking at getting some filters next month as well to play around with.

For film the best bet is a Polarising Filter, but not sure about using them with digital. I suggest using your photo editing software to boost saturation and knock a tad off the brightness which is effectively what said filter would do to film.

I’m not yet a master of Photoshop, so there may be other, more subtle tricks to do, but I’d start there.

What ever happened to point and shoot camera’s lol

All this stuff is mind blowing

For digital you can do away with many of the filters and reproduce them in photoshop. Pick up one of the digital camera mags and they always give away DVDs with video help and so on

As for polorising filters on digital, I’ve not had any good use with one. They just seem to tint the picture a little darker. But get a circular filter as they are easier to play around with.

I’m shooting with a Canon EOS 300D, using the 18-55 lens that came with the kit and a 75-300 Canon lens I bought off eBay.

Ideally, I’d like to persue bike photography as a career, but I guess I’ll have to try and get some more experience…

Anyhoo, current work can be seen on my site:

Cheers guys, plenty there to explore. Just need to get out and try it all now

Brain freeze though now with DOF, White balance f stops blah blah blah

That’s all it takes man. Practise practise practise. And look at a lot of pictures. Easy eh?

John D, great bike shots, esp of the off road panned shot in the published section.

go on then I’ll throw my site into the hat
Andrew will be pleased to know there is an “Ode to Dawn” gallery , so you can put away the Chelsea Bridge pictures now
Have a gander at the High Res Wallpaper Galleries, in there is a shot of I took which made the Mitsubishi Calendar with my old FTO & F15 Eagle .