Any budding Graphic Designers/Photoshoppers

I’m totally useless when it comes to designing things on a PC so thought I’d ask here…

I was sad enough a little while ago to have some stickers of my name made for my screen!! I recently been looking at them and have decided I want different ones.

Now, as my name is Garry (thats right, spelt with a double R) and I ride a CBR600RR, I want to see what my name would look like with the RR from the CBR as the RR in Garry. If that makes sense.

Any help much appreciated

Do you want it in a straight line (like the LB stickers) or a shape?

Either or really chap…

I have done this one…

I am looking at putting the RR part with your name but due to the angle of the letters its a bit of a bugger!

This one however uses the Honda font, and could be printed as a sticker rather than a decal.

Let me know what you think as I am not a pro - just like to play about! :smiley:

You have quite a talent there mate…that looks brilliant

I still think the RR would look better in the name…what say you??

Quite cool? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t that now say GAY RR? :smiley:

:blink: it does

lol brillant! Gay rr :smiley:

Woh woh woh hang on a cotton picking minute here…


I think that looks quite cool…I might send that off to a couple of prawn mags and see if they want to buy it off me!! lol :smiley: (The image that is!)

your kerning’s shot to pieces there mate :wink:

Oh I know, but its just for a laugh…not like Honda are going to use it on the new CBR6 or blade!! :slight_smile: